How to Report Accident?

There are different steps to consider, before sending in a claim to the insurance company. But first, it is important that you understand that if the cost of repairing the car is small, while the car insurance deductible is higher, then it might be more favorable to pay the insurance yourself, without involving the insurance company. How you report an accident involves contacting a police, getting a police report, contacting the insurance company, and when they do send you form for your claims, you should use the information provided by yourself and other drivers involved in the police report.

Contact the Police
The first thing is to pull over, and contact the police. It is not essential to take this step, however if the accident did not include anybody being in need of emergency treatment, then you don’t need to call 911, nor do you need to call emergency, if the vehicle only suffers a small bump. However, if it happens that the vehicle involve other people, then it is best that you call 911 and explain the situation to them.

Get a Police Report
In addition to contacting the police, the next step is getting a police report about the accident. This gives you the ability to have a pair of fresh eyes to look at the accident. It does not matter if the law does not require that you report the police report, as it is in some cases, it is still beneficial for you to file a police report, regardless how small the accident might seems. This helps you in different ways. Accidents could possibly make it tough for injuries to appear until after a period of time, like days or even weeks. It is also possible that the person who is directly involved in the accident to not instantly have a clear view of all the damages that have been made to your vehicle. It is also possible that the other party that is involved in the accident to make false claims about the accident later, and the other party could admit being at fault, but after some time passes, then he or she could change and deny it.

Contact the Insurance Company
With the help of the police report, you can now inform the insurance company about the accident, and inform them that you would like to file a claim. They will more likely send you a form that you need to fill.

Police Report when Filing an Insurance Claim
You should file the claim, and use the police report to thoroughly explain how the whole incident happened. This is because the police report will be a helpful resource in different ways. It is helpful in facilitating the whole claim process with the insurance company. This usually mean that there will be a quicker payout on the claim, because the person who is at fault and comprehensive accident details will be easily determined, by viewing and reviewing the report. Additionally the attorney could also use the police report, if the case escalated to court level.

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