How to Make a Claim?

When making a claim for mishap, vehicle theft or car accident, there are different things that need to be followed. But first, acknowledge that most of the time, contacting police is always the first step when there is an accident that requires more emergency attentions. However, if it is minor accident, then it might be enough to just contact the road service.

Review the Insurance Policy
This allows you to understand your personal responsibility, when an accident occur or in the event of a mishap. Further, you will also obtain the ability to know the responsibilities that the insurance company must carry. It allows you to have a basic knowledge about what responsibilities to expect when the claim has been made.

Contact the Insurance Company
You could skip review the insurance policy, and start contacting the insurance company. However, it might decrease your ability to interact with the insurance company. Understanding the policy would help to smoothen the contact. Generally, the insurance company will automatically assign you a representative that will handle the claim. It is also typical for the insurance company to send a claim adjuster, when there have been an accident. They could sometimes be extremely helpful, when you are trying to find out about your policy, and even investigate scene, where the accident occurred.

Provide Necessary and Requested Information
It is important for you to provide your insurance company with any information that is in your possession. It does not matter how little, it is a matter of providing the information you have. This can be information about the other driver like his/her name, the manufacturer of the car, the type of the vehicle, a registration number of the other vehicle, who should be blamed, a copy of a ticket that has been issued and information about the damage to the vehicle. These information would be useful in the insurance company that would review and investigate the claim, and so on. Providing excellent information eliminate prolonging the claim process.

Have an Adjuster Look at the Vehicle
The insurance company wants to know what happened, so having an adjuster look at the vehicle could help you have better understanding of what to expect. This allow you to help in strengthening the insurance company’s understanding of damages made on the vehicle. If a claims adjuster look at the car, then it would be more efficient for you to move forward in the next step. You’d have better understanding of damages to the vehicle.

Take the Vehicle to a Certified Workshop
Having damage on the vehicle appraised is the next step, when filing the claim. The insurance company is thirsty for knowledge of how much it would cost to repair the vehicle, regardless if you or the other driver is at fault. A certified workshop would help in knowing the expenses of the vehicle’s reparation.

Finalize the Paperwork
With the entire information gathered from the previous steps, then it is very easy for you to finalize the paperwork. This is about using the information that the adjuster has presented and information from workshop about the price for reparation, and other relevant information that make the paperwork go smoothly. Use those details to fill out the paperwork, and you are ready to send out the claim.

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