Car Insurance for Provisional Drivers

Provisional drivers need insurance, because learning to drive is most often daunting, and the hefty price of car insurance for people who have provisional driver license can be challenging on the monetary aspect of it. It is normal to have high premium, because these drivers are assessed as high risk drivers by the insurance company. It is not that much of surprises, since insurance company always assess the premium after risk, which increase the premium of people whom have limit driving experience. Part of the risk is the chances of them being involved in a car accident, and therefore make a claim. For that reason, these provisional drivers have to pay high premium.

Add your name on an Experienced Driver’s Policy
Regardless of that quote assessment, it is very possible to decrease the expense of car insurance, when being a provisional driver. It is possible to pay cheaper premium, if you ask someone who has a much more experience motorist to be named on the policy along with your own. The person can either be an immediate family member or related to the person, or someone who is teaching the provisional license holder when they are having a driving class. However, this only decreases the quote if the person is over age 21 or 25 in some countries and have maintain at least 3 – 5 year driving experience.

The learner would either be taught in a parent’s car, or a car that belong someone else like people or a company that offers driving course for the provisional drivers. The fact that they do not stand as main driver on the insurance policy, helps them get cheaper car insurance premiums. Being named as a driver alongside a more experienced driver decreases your insurance premium than if it is your own personal vehicle that you are going to be a provisional driver in.

It is possible that someone who is holding a policy adds your name to it, then their premium would increase substantially. This should not scare the main policy holder, because the provisional would pay the different between your normal premium and the new one. It is important to acknowledge that if you as the provisional driver is a main policy holder, then you cannot add someone else as the main driver. Doing that is a criminal offense, known as fronting, and may prevent the insurance company from paying any claims. It is also possible that it leads to getting points on your driving license and ultimately a much steeper insurance expenses in the future.

Get Short-term Car Insurance
There are some insurance companies that offer a short term car insurance policy for provisional drivers, which has limited take out. This can be within a period of four weeks, and possibly be much cheaper than being added to a policy that annually exist. The short-term car insurance works only for a short period of time, which will also give an insight for how much it would cost you for that period of time.

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